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We offer export & import consultancy services as we have a widespread network of associates around the world with experience in export and import of all types of goods while in compliance with the regulatory norms.


We have worked with a number clients across the manufac-turing industry to provide the solutions they need from managing inventory, materials and sales, to keeping your finances in check and your sales orders on track, our team has the tools and expertise. We understand that each business is unique that's why we work closely with manu-facturers around the region to transform their businesses so they can focus on what they do best - innovat.


Our approach to improving our clients’ distribution perfor-mance focuses on increasing distribution productivity, improving distribution efficiency and reducing distribution costs.


Our team of consultant design tailor-made standard operat-ing procedures that harmonize with your organisation. Standard operating procedures are a set of instructions that address the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY AND WHEN of an activity. SOP defines the authorities and reporting struc-tures at every level for every element of the organization. Our services include:

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