Marketing has transitioned from TV advertisements and full page newspaper print ads to adver-tising using digital media on websites, social media platforms like instagram,twitter,google,tik-tok, YouTube...etc.. Today every other individual spends more time on social media for most of their day and this has thus become the best place for many companies to capitalize on by backing individuals called “influencers” whose sole job is to influence and create trends that make consumers buy the products they represent.

Corporate Identity

Every company’s corporate Identity is the idea of how they are viewed by the public. We create this identity for them from logos, to what they stand for and how that want to be perceived.

Marketing plan

Our dedicated team of experts will formulate a marketing plan that identifies strategies for the company to achieve its goals within its given budget.


E-commerce may be an area where you lack specific marketing or techni-cal abilities, and your business’s eCommerce needs may require a variety of tasks that need to be deliv-ered at different points. Our consul-tants have different backgrounds and expertise to help bridge the gap between institutional business expertise in products and a consum-er niche.

Media Plan

Once you have a marketing plan in place, one of its strategies would entail having a media plan which describes what, when and how you plan to advertise your content for your product. Our team of experts conduct and in –depth study of the company’s products and which media platform will create the most exposure giving profit oriented results.

Consulting Quote

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